We have developed, used and improved the technology of oil extraction from healing raw materials using patented equipment.


Why is it called “L-TEX ALEF-COEN” TECHNOLOGY?

“L-TEX ALEF-COEN” TECHNOLOGY is the combination that stands for the abbreviation “low temperature extraction” L-TEX and the name of the company “ALEF-COEN”, that is the owner of manufacturing equipment.


When and where the “L-TEX” TECHNOLOGY was created?

The early 60s was the beginning of space age. The wildest dreams of science fiction about space travelling came true. Planetary conquest, long-term space travelling was the biggest challenge for engineers, chemists and biologists. The purposeful search on products, substance and technologies that could maintain the human viability under extreme conditions had begun.


Cryogenics turned out to be one of the most appropriate in space environment and useful technologies for human health. Such as the low-temperature biological recycling resources in nutrition turned out to have salutary and curative impact.


From the 60s and 70s till the scaling of the space programme in the 80s, these issues were under the National Scientific Center of Medicines and the Institute of Low Temperature Physics and Engineering in Kharkov.


The technological development of the low-temperature extracts of vegetable oil and its manufacturing equipment were completed in the 90s and were completed in the early 2000. The technological modes had been established in cooperation with scientists from the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering.


What is the innovativeness and exclusivity of our technology?

The technological innovation is grounded on the exclusive scientific method of oil extraction from curative vegetable raw materials using special gaseous refrigerant, which turns to be noble nutritive gas under an ambient temperature conditions.


It is well known that depending on the technology of oil extracting the amount of beneficial substance that this raw material contains can change significantly, as well as the healing properties of the final products.


In the result of using “L-TEX” TECHNOLOGY, the whole amount of oil and oil-soluble components, vitamins and minerals are extracted, especially those, which can’t be got by cold pressing, hot pressing methods or any other technologies.


Moreover, this technology considerably increases the biological activity of useful elements in the oil. For instance, it improves the benefits such as squalene and tocotrienol in the amaranth oil.


This technology and equipment allows to get extract from crop plants with percentage of oil less than 1%. That’s why, ALEF-COEN COMPANY is an exclusive manufacturer.



The advantages of “L-TEX ALEF-COEN” TECHNOLOGY:

  • Saving a maximum of useful substances (95-98%)
  • Record content of squalene (up to 9%), Carotenoids, Tocopherols, Chlorophylls, Phytosterols, essential oil, macro and microelements and other biological elements
  • Without using high temperature
  • Without pressing
  • Excluded oxidation of raw materials
  • Without carcinogen
  • 100% natural product, out of flavors and preservatives
  • Effective wellness facilities of the product
  • Top quality products made to care about people




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